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   IGSGateway     (Added 02/26/2011)

IGSGateway is a PHP 5 application to provide a simple interface to the Innovative Gateway Solutions secure payment-processing gateway.

The IGSGateway provides the tools to configure and connect any PHP 5 application to the Innovative Gateway Solutions gateway to perform credit card authorization and payment processing either in the background or from user-facing form input. Data returned from the Innovative Gateway Solutions gateway may be parsed and interpreted, or can be configured to return the raw response data (with headers) for processing by the calling application.

Provided with the tools are a sample input form and gateway response form for testing, which may be configured for use in the XML configuration file.

This software requires the free Zend Framework for communication with the Innovative Gateway Solutions gateway, and for XML file processing.


LLRBTree is an open source project to implement a variant of Red-Black trees, the Left-Leaning Red-Black (LLRB) tree. A LLRB tree implements the original design goals of Red-Black trees and produces code for insertion and deletion operations, while maintaining a balanced-tree, that is much simpler and faster than many of the solutions currently popular for Binary Search Trees (BST). The algorithm employed is based on an original algorithm developed by Robert Sedgewick, at Princeton University.

The goal of this project is to produce a realization of the algorithm in the form of static and dynamic libraries for use in as many programming languages as possible.

EarthWalk Software taxEstimator

taxEstimator is a GUI application to display the results of United States federal personal income tax refund estimates computed by the RushTaxOS taxEngine Library. It is written in Microsoft C#, using .NET Framework 3.5.

RushTaxOS taxEngine Library

The RushTaxOS taxEngine Library is an open source computational library written in object-oriented PHP 5. It was designed to perform United States federal personal income tax refund estimate calculations.

The RushTaxOS taxEngine project page is located on Sourceforge at the following address:

The RushTaxOS taxEngine Library is available on Sourceforge at the following address:

The RushTaxOS taxEngine Library comes pre-packaged with a SOAP server, named taxEngineServer, designed to provide a sample of how to use the RushTaxOS taxEngine Library for an income tax refund estimate SOAP-based web service.

EarthWalk Software dictionary

The Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) is a TCP transaction based query/response protocol that allows a client to access dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases. It is designed to provide access to multiple databases of English words. A DICT server is only an interface between client programs and the dictionary databases.

dictionary is a Perl cgi script which provides browser access to DICT servers via an HTML form-based interface which can be used to fetch dictionary definitions and to match whole or partial words and word lists. The browser-based interface allows selection of servers, available server-based dictionary databases, and word matching strategies.

EarthWalk Software ewsperl

ewsperl is a collection of object-oriented Perl class modules. Included is a class to convert a process to a daemon, a class which wraps Perl file i/o functions in a class object, a base class to load environment variables, program arguements and user-defined variables into a common, shared object...

Haunted Hollow

Haunted Hollow is an animated-sprite animation created completely using JavaScript, DOM and CSS2. I wrote it in the Summer of 2003 as an entry page to an on-line store front for the up-coming Halloween shopping season. I have used it on every eCommerce site which I have created since.

The scene background is a trail meandering through a dark woods on a moonlit night. A haunted castle on a hill appears out of the middle of the screen, complete with lightning strikes, only to disappear again. There are 7 sprites (inanimate objects) which appear at random and float about the screen for a random period, and then disappear. There is an orange ghoul, a black bat with golden eyes, an invisible man (all that you can see is a pair of evil eyes), a ghost, a skull, and a jack-o'latern.

While this is going on, an animated Frankenstein's monster marches around the screen on a random walk. Keep an eye out for the critters in the tree tops.

There's a witch on a broomstick that follows the mouse to wherever it moves, leaving a trail of 6 images, which try to keep up with the mouse.

Clicking the mouse on any object (except the background) will exit the animation and return to this page.

The purpose of this project was not to design an animated entry page to an Internet-based store front, but rather to learn about the Document Object Model (DOM) and its capabilities, as well as to learn more about Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in JavaScript and to explore the capabilities of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Not wishing to spend a lot of time trying to learn the intricacies (or idiosyncrasies) of each individual browser, I chose instead to utilize Cross Browser Emulator, a great cross-browser library (no longer available), in order to achieve browser independence.

Haunted Hollow has been tested for use with the latest releases of Netscape Gecko browsers (such as Firefox, Sea Monkey and Galeon), Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

This is not an active project. It is not hosted in the open source repository. Although I offer no support for this project, I am making this software available for educational purposes. It may be downloaded from this location:

Once you have the file downloaded and unzipped, read the ReadMe.txt file for information on how to install and configure the application. Keep the directory structure as it is in the zip file, or things won't work very well.