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Welcome to my personal site
Hosted by SourceForge

This is my personal site on the world's greatest Open Source repository, It is a place where I can share my software engineering and management experience; my discoveries, however small or insignificant; and the notes and documents that I have created and use in my trade.

The site is currently organized into two sections. There's a section for my hosted Open Source projects, and a section for documentation. The Open Source projects section contains both links to my projects hosted on, and software applications and libraries which have not been submitted to the Open Source repository, mostly because they are not significant enough to devote a project to, but are nonetheless Open Source.


   Featured Project:   IGSGateway   

IGSGateway is a PHP 5 application to provide a simple interface to the Innovative Gateway Solutions secure payment-processing gateway.

The IGSGateway provides the tools to configure and connect any PHP 5 application to the Innovative Gateway Solutions gateway to perform credit card authorization and payment processing either in the background or from user-facing form input. Data returned from the Innovative Gateway Solutions gateway may be parsed and interpreted, or can be configured to return the raw response data (with headers) for processing by the calling application.

Provided with the tools are a sample input form and gateway response form for testing, which may be configured for use in the XML configuration file.

This software requires the free Zend Framework for communication with the Innovative Gateway Solutions gateway, and for XML file processing.