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This page is currently undergoing a re-design. The documents are being reformatted and moved into Word Press, which will allow cross-referencing, searching, and will make them easier to maintain.

Until this project is completed, the documentation is available here in PDF format.



Installing VirtualBox 3.2 PUEL in Fedora 13     (Added 07/28/2010)

VirtualBox OSE is severly crippled. This document outlines the steps required to replace VirtualBox OSE with VirtualBox 3.2 PUEL (Personal Use/Evaluation License), also known as the "binary release package".
    Added: 2010-07-27,    Updated: 2010-07-28.

Bind 9 and DNS

Installing and Configuring A Forwarding-Caching DNS for a Private LAN in Fedora 13     (Added 07/28/2010)

A forwarding-caching nameserver forwards Internet name requests that it cannot resolve from it's own cache to an upstream (ISP) nameserver and adds the result to it's cache. This document explains how to install and configure the Bind-9 Domain Name Server in a "chrooted-jail" for a private Local Area Network in Fedora 13. By changing the target directories given, this technique will work equally well for other Linux and Unix server distributions
    Added: 2010-07-28.


Download and Install LDAP Browser

Procedure to follow to get the Java-based LDAP Browser running.
Note:This software is apparently no longer available. I will leave this instruction for those who still have a copy of the software.
    Added: 2007-05-03   Updated: 2010-07-29.

Using OpenLDAP with Bind9 DNS

Steps for converting a standard flat-style Bind database for use with OpenLDAP. The LDAP database is perfect for this type of static, or nearly static, use, having been designed and optimized for reading stored information. This makes it a good candidate for implementing address books, telephone books, and DNS table lookups.
    Added: 2007-05-03.

Disk Volume

Adding a New Physical Volume Using LVM2

The steps to follow to install a new physical volume on a Fedora 8 (or newer) system It assumes that the Gnome desktop is being used, and that the disk is being installed under the LVM2 (Logical Volume Manager, version 2).
    Added: 2008-02-10.

Moving or Adding An Existing Volume Using LVM2

This one is the result of having to re-learn the steps for 1 too many crashed systems. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, it's nice to have a recipe for moving a data disk from the crashed system to a new one. How to install an existing LVM2 volume on a Fedora 8 (or newer) system.
    Added: 2008-05-07.

Network Volume

Installing and Configuring Samba on Fedora and FreeBSD

How to install and configure Samba to provide Windows-style file sharing on the local system for logged in users and provide access to Windows-style file shares on a remote host.
    Added: 2008-07-15.


Creating X.509 Certificates With OpenSSL     (Added 07/28/2010)

Generating X.509 Certificates for SSL on Fedora and FreeBSD systems using OpenSSL. The process is the same for both systems, only the location of the files is different. Includes a method for installing the certificates in Apache 2.2.
    Added: 2008-05-09,    Updated: 2010-07-29.

Mono and NAnt

Successfully Installing Mono and NAnt on Fedora 10

There is a problem with the release of NAnt on Fedora 10 - it is broken. The solution is to install Mono in the standard manner (using yum) and to manually install and configure NAnt. These are the steps to perform the installation. Also, how to get mod_mono working with Apache 2.2 to support ASP.Net.
    Added: 2009-04-09.

RushTaxOS taxEngine

RushTaxOS taxEngine User Guide

The RushTaxOS taxEngine is released with the taxEngine Library and several sample applications: a SOAP server and client implementation; a non-server PHP 5 application; and a Trace utility to help in debugging the taxEngine Library.

This User Guide provides the information necessary to successfully install and configure the taxEngine Library and the packaged applications. It also provides information on how to create and install the tax year data for a new tax year.

  • This PDF guide was designed to be printed. The chapters/appendices were designed to start on the front of a new page. If it would have been started on the back-side of a page, it will leave that page blank and start on the front of the next page.

    Added: 2008-11-15   Updated: 2009-05-14.